Our Story

It was always a Dream of mine to  visit the Fijian islands. The day I did, I ended up catching the largest Pelagic fish I had ever caught and surfed the best waves of my life at the world renowned surf break, Cloudbreak. I instantly fell in love with Fiji. Not only is it beautiful, it’s culture and people are friendly, warm and happy. Conde Naste, claims it’s the “Happiest Place On Earth”. I would most definitely have to agree.
With a week vacation under my belt and my endorphins still firing on all levels, I sought out to purchase property in Fiji. That’s when I found Vatuvonu. An ideal 10,000 sq foot piece of property overlooking the surf I just rode and the fish I had just caught. With sand on my feet, walking into the airport on my return flight, I couldn’t wait to get home to call the Realtor and let him know I was buying that lot.
After purchasing the lot, it sat for several years. Then, a very close friend of mine offered to buy into the property with me and help develop our amazing luxury villa. Mike and Katie Hennessy along with their daughter Brisa Hennessy have been working and living part time on the island of Namotu. Their daughter is a professional surfer on the Pro Tour and is traveling with her mother all around the world surfing and competing against the best woman in the sport. Mike spends most all of his time taking guests from Namotu out for the catch of the day. If you’re lucky enough to spot Mike, you may want to ask em for a few hour fishing trip as he’s known to always come back to the island with fish in hand! The stars truly aligned roughly three and half years after I purchased the lot. Mike called me and said, “hey can we go in partners on the land you purchased and build a fabulous home for all of us”? And so the story begins. But to hear it all, you’ll need to come visit us in fiji. Come and enjoy the best fishing in the world, World Class Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, golf, or simply lounge around our glamorous pool while your butler brings you an ice-cold beverage!

Overview & Accomodations

Vatu Vonu or “Turtle Rock” is an amazing luxury private home located 26 miles from the mainland of Viti Levu. This private residential home boasts amazing views overlooking the famous two islands of Tavarua and Namotu. Enjoy your own private accommodations, your own personal Chef and Captain who will cater to your every taste of water activities and meals!
Located amongst world class surf, kitesurfing, diving, and fishing, Vatu Vonu is set up to take care of everything with full or part time staff available, maximizing your water time and fun.
Our guests are taken care of by our warm and friendly staff. Vatu Vonu is made up of four bure’s or rooms. Each connected through a breezeway, so it feels as if each room is its own domain. The bures are built in the classic Fijian fashion: high ceilings, hardwoods, air conditioning and lots of windows and glass to regulate the sea breezes. The upper Bure houses 6 to 8 people and comes with a full time caretaker your own private Boat and captain with the option to have a chef to prepare all your meals. The house is located near other resorts where you can take a short boat ride and enjoy a walk on the beach, a snorkel or a a bite to eat in another resort setting.
We wish to welcome you to our lovely home. Invite your friends or take the family, you can do as much as you like or practice the fine art of doing nothing at all. Blending luxury with the intimacy and warmth of a close-knit neighborhood Vatu Vonu provides all the ingredients to relax, recharge, and explore where days pass effortlessly, and the ocean is your playground.

Land & Sea Transport

When you arrive in Nadi, you will be greeted by our driver. He will gather your belongings surfboards and luggage and take you for a 15 minute drive to the marina in Denarua. There you will be greeted by your private full-time boat captain. Depending on the weather, you may be traveling on the local ferry boat called the Malolo Cat. This catamaran is very large and very comfortable and will also get you to your villa within 45 minutes. Relax and enjoy a cold beverage and take in the tranquil sites of fiji. Your almost home!


On/off site activities include:

  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Golf
  • Windsurfing
  • Kitesurfing
  • Volleyball
  • Massage
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jet Ski
  • Spear Fishing
  • Island Hopping
  • In town excursions and shopping

* Vatu Vonu staff can arrange day excursions by helicopter for golf, island hopping or Scuba Diving.



The cooler dry season is from April through October and the warm, wetter and more humid season is from November to March. Air temperatures range from the mid 70’s to mid 80’s year round, with water temperatures hovering in the same range, year around
Fiji does receive rain year round but the wet season also corresponds with the South Pacific cyclone Season. Although it is rare to have a cyclone impact Fiji directly in any given year, it can happen, and does typically every 5+ years for a short period (3-5 days) of very intense and very bad weather.
The Fiji islands also have dry and wet sides similar to Hawaii; drier on the west and south, much more rain on the east and north.


As with most of the South Pacific, the seasonal “trade” winds blow from the southeast across the Fiji Islands June through September. These winds can blow relatively strong for 5-10 days at a time, and then often back down for a week before continuing the on and off cycle. These trade winds may not be favorable at many breaks, but each location with which we work has some “fall back” plan in the event of unfavorable conditions.

During the wet season winds blow from the north, which is offshore for most breaks along the south coast. The shoulder months of March through May and October through early November receive light and variable winds producing many glassy days.


The south swell window is generally from March through November while North swells are biggest and most consistent from December through February.

South Pacific does receive southern hemisphere swells year around and it is very rare for Fiji to receive a north ground swell out of season.

To sum it up: If you’re looking for the biggest surf, March through November is the go. Surfers looking for the cleanest conditions and the least crowded time of the year should visit during wet season from December through February.

Many people prefer to travel during shoulder months of March, April, May and September, October, November, hoping to get glassy conditions with early or late south swells.

Pricing and Packaging

Exclusive Home in Fiji Overlooking Little Malolo Island, Tavarua, and Namotu

Check the surf from your master suite bedroom! Approx 10 min boat ride from your bed to the surf!

We offer 8 day/7 night packages which begin and end on Saturdays. We can provide ½ week packages if your looking to book a shorter trip.

Enjoy your own private villa, surf perfect waves, catch Pelagic fish or simply lounge around your own private pool while sipping your favorite cold beverage!

  • House Caretaker
  • Land and sea transfers can be arranged
  • All inclusive meals upon request – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and snacks throughout the day
  • Oceanfront accommodations
  • SMART TV’s
  • Washer Dryer
  • Two full kitchens
  • Wi-Fi Internet access while on Island. Please note that it is a slow connection. Not suitable for downloading movies, streaming etc. More than capable for Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp calls, and emails. (500mb for your stay. Additional 500mb vouchers available for US$75
  • Comfortable Beds and Linens
  • Private Chef (Optional)
  • Snorkeling gear – rentals near by
  • Use of Resort boards and Kayaks at nearby hotel
    • Short boards
    • Long boards
    • SUP’s
    • Kayaks
  • Laundry service- upon request
  • ½ day or full day fishing. $800.00 ½ day, $1300.00 Full Day, includes lunch, snack and drinks
  • Upper Bure sleeps 6 to 8 people. Includes 4 separate bures. Master bedroom, Main living and dining area, two double master suites and private pool 1500.00 night. Includes home caretaker, boat and captain from 6am-6pm daily. Chef Optional. We recommend having our team grocery shop for you in advance and have all your food and drink available upon arrival.
  • Lower Bure. Sleeps 4. The lower bure is adjacent to the main bure and is self sufficient with it’s own kitchen, bathroom. 1 king bed and a loft w/ private restroom and queen bed. Beautiful views and all the fresh clean air you can ever want inquire on availability!


  • International air fares to Fiji
  • Domestic flights within the Fijian Islands (Helicopter transfers can be arranged)
  • Any excess baggage charges
  • Premium wine and spirits