Cultural Explorations

The indigenous culture is an active and living part of everyday life for the majority of the population. Fijian culture has evolved with the introduction of cultures including Indian, Chinese and European culture, and various cultures from the Pacific neighbors of Fiji; in particular the Tongan and Rotuman cultures.

Fijian lifestyle is a relaxed combination of traditional culture and a strong belief in the family and community. ‘Fiji Time’ refers to the relaxed way of life that means the bus often runs late as the driver stops to talk to friends, or you may make some unexpected stops to help the family.

Approximately 836,000 people live in Fiji and enjoy a tropical marine climate with little variation in temperature throughout the year. The country’s distinct landforms include terrain covered with abundant rainforests and coastlines with beautiful beaches. We provide trips to villages where you can learn more about the Fijian culture, artifacts and try their traditional drink called “Cava”